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About Us.

Once upon a time, there was a ROBOTIC startup.

Our Story

We are the community change-makers who are putting their efforts to create a future where local communities will be readily using robotics for social good. We also aim to give a boost to quality education and its equal access for community inclusion

We use drones and robotics as an educative tool to create free workshops for universities, primary schools, secondary schools and through internships for local engineering students

“I pioneered and conducted several youth training programs designed to encourage STEM fields and introduce Terrestrial robot technology based on Arduino, raspberry pi and other hardware to students in the university, secondary and primary schools especially in areas where access to proper training and electronics training equipment (kits) are limited, where for the past three years I have helped youth to think big and out of the box, make positives impact in their community and become an entrepreneur”.


Our Vision & Mission

  • Focusing and applying our knowledge of UGV and AI for local challenges (Agriculture).
  • Focusing on bringing Quality education and gender equality throght STEM.
  • Robotsave (Gebox) provides a robot and software to collect and predict crop yields based on soil composition.
  • Robotsave  promotes, shares, inspires and empowers the local communities on the use of new technology (Robotics) to bring solutions to local problems.

Bayangmbe Mounmo

Software Engineer


Tamko Clarence

Software and System Engineer


Ngani Phillip

Big Data Engineer Expert


Forntho Thomas

AI Specialist, Drone Conceptor

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