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Robot Save.

We promote, share, inspire and empower the local communities on the use of new technology( Robotics) to bring solutions to local problems.

Color Schemes

3-Directional Environment Sensing

4K Camera Lens

High Performance

Our Robots

Focusing and applying our knowledge og UGV and AI for local challeges (Agriculture). We also provide robots and softwares to collect and predict crop yields based on soil composition.

the perfect robots to get started

We use drones and robotics as an educative tool.


We provide hands-on robots embedded with sensors, actuators and softtwares to perceive their environment and safely perform programmed goals


We focus on applying our knowledge of UGV and artificial intelligence for local challenges such as Agriculture for a better food production


We work towards giving access to quality STEAM educational programs where access to proper education is very limited

Software DEV

We provide our product Gebox with a software capable to predict from the data collected, the crop yields in real-time

Social Impact

We are the community change-makers who are putting their efforts to create a future where our local communities will be readily using robotics for social good


We use drones and robotics as an educative tool to create free workshops for universities , primary schools and through internships for local students

Take Part

We organize workshops all over the country. Get in touch and do not miss any of our events.

High Quality Robots

We facilitate and strengthen the local and regional Robotics ecosystem and Robotics as a service marketplace

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